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The Lanson Group of Companies is a $155 million multidimensional conglomerate with key interests in Food Manufacturing & Exports, and Automobile Dealership. Over the years, we have carved out a stellar global reputation, owing to our products, quality standards and exceptional service. The association with international brands has given us insights into the concept of ‘Customer Delight’ achieved through disciplined and diligent operating procedures, backed by a caring and inclusive Customer & Supply Chain relationship approach.



It all started in 1978 in Madras with a simple question. What if the humble Appalam was introduced to the hitherto unexplored palates of the Indian food loving British as a starter snack? That simple thought set in motion a series of events that led to the manufacturing and export business that is Lanson Ventures. Today, nearly 4 decades later, Lanson produces 400 million Appalams a year, delighting customers around the world.

We do everything in-house. From processing grams, rice and spices to testing and analysis, our experts are always on the job. We have a state-of-the-art studio to develop new and bespoke product concepts in collaboration with our customers. We are supported by expert consultants working out of strategic positions globally" With 4 BRC certified manufacturing sites, our assurance of quality is backed by an experienced, trained and committed team of production and quality assurance operatives. In fact, at Lanson, quality, safety and legality are a way of life. What this means is, every Lanson product brings with it a guarantee of perfection and goodness.


LVAS is the FMCG marketing business of the Lanson Group. With the vision of ‘consumer loyalty nourished by consumer delight‘ our aim is to put a smile on the faces of consumers of every age by providing them innovative snacks for their unmet needs.


At Lanson, everything we do is based on the foundation of adding value, not just to our consumers, but to our supply chain, to society and to the environment as a whole.

  • Nature conscious
  • Providing nutritionally rich and tasty snacking options to consumers
  • Low carbon footprint ingredients such as plant protein
  • Ethical sourcing and ethical trading
  • Enriching the supply chain

The popodax way of life

We bring you a snack that blends age-old wisdom with a new age twist. A snack you can eat and keep eating, something you can share and keep sharing. Made in a way that nature would fully approve of. A food that brings people together and keeps them smiling. Today, tomorrow and forever.

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