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Our train left Asansol station at 8:30am, barely 30 minutes behind its scheduled time. This was strikingly punctual for Dibrugarh Express that had travelled for almost 34 hours all the way from Chennai. This was our troupe’s first ever travel to our colleague Pawan’s hometown, Gangtok. With another 12 hours of train journey to New Jalpaigudi left, I was already feeling homesick!

For breakfast, we ordered Bengali Luchi aloor dum with Kancha Aamer Chaatni from a local vendor at Durgapur railway station. It was delicious but deep inside I was craving for our sambhar and appalams. Fortunately, one of our friends was carrying several packets of Popodax in Classic and Lime Pickle flavours. For those who don’t know about Popodax yet, it is our very own traditional appalam in a new bite sized avatar. We started savouring them as the train chugged along. A French tourist who had boarded the train in Asansol got curious about our crunchy appalams as he had travelled the length and breadth of West Bengal and hadn’t come across these packets yet. The way we all were savouring our favourite Popodax got him really amused. I explained to him that appalams are Chennai’s favourite, which we savour the way the French savour their wines.

We reached Gangtok late in the evening via road trip from New Jalpaigudi. It is such a beautiful town that I recommend you all to visit. We enjoyed interacting with the local folks and relished local momo’s and other local preparations. But most of all, we always kept our delicious, travelicious Popodax with us to munch whenever we missed our beloved city of Chennai.


Pop and dip recipe

Begin with discarding the seeds of the raw mangoes and chopping them lengthwise in strips. Marinate the mangoes with salt and red chilli powder. Next, heat oil in a pan and add dry red chilis, mustard seeds and hing for tempering. As the seeds start spluttering, add the mangoes, pinch of turmeric and stir well. Once the mangoes are coated well with spices, add two cups of water, cover and cook until the mangoes are well done. Once the mangoes are cooked, add sugar and boil to your desired consistency. Sprinkle some bhaja masala or red chilli flakes and switch off the flame. Bring the chutney to room temperature and enjoy it with your favourite flavour of Popodax.


Pop and dip recipe

Sauté 1 diced red bell pepper, 4 halved cherry tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic in a teaspoon of oil until soft. Soak 4 red chillies in hot water. Blend everything together coarsely. Add salt and half a teaspoon of sugar to taste. Enjoy this dip with Popadax.

Dip into appalams

Are you a 4 ‘o’ clock person who reaches out to a pack of snacks when the workday slows down? Do you open a pack of chips every time you pass by the pantry? Are you among the growing multitude that is keen to indulge in the pleasures of snacking? Then this article is for you.

Let's get down to it right away. The idea is to groom a good gastronomic lifestyle and attitude without losing the joys of adulthood. We want our in-between meal fillers to be healthy and light. Not boring, healthy and light; but cool, fun and light- something that tempts us and makes us reach out for it whenever it is crunch time with a movie or hang-out. Something that looks and tastes like snack, yet fresh and nutritive. When you eat something familiar, with familiar texture and flavor you are left feeling safe and satisfied too. Here is a go-to.

Crisps have been part of our Indian meals for so long. Among others, Appalams are the greatest accompaniments we have enjoyed through time. For many, appalams are a childhood culinary relic. What if those traditional appalams are made available to you ready to eat, out of a packet? Popadax has done it already.


The popodax way of life

We bring you a snack that blends age-old wisdom with a new age twist. A snack you can eat and keep eating, something you can share and keep sharing. Made in a way that nature would fully approve of. A food that brings people together and keeps them smiling. Today, tomorrow and forever.

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