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There are so many love stories, of couples finding compatibility through food-be it love for sweets or savory or snacks. In fact in many cases, more than full meal sessions, these itty bitty snack choices strike quick chords. Conversations had over a cup of coffee and a platter of snacks is always free-flowing and easy. Agree?

We have heard that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It is the same with the woman as well. Women love men who wear the chef’s hat for them. In olden days eating together was a tradition. It was also the best way to keep the family together. Even today couples and families that eat together stand better chances of being involved in each others’ lives too.

This is where Popodax comes into the picture. Of course Popodax is ready to eat. All you need to do is to open a packet, empty it into a bowl, sit together and eat. But if you are in the mood for it, you can grab some tomato salsa or a fancy dip to go with it. But Popodax can do all that a good, thoughtful snack can do it for you. The select urad dal, the blend of familiar, yet warm spices in the mix and the crunch are actually enough to connect people and relax you to communicate. It is just not for the case of new, young lovers. It works for couples who have a decade and more behind them. Passing the same plate between them, everything one said is received by the other. How much cozier can it get?

The best part about the together time is you don’t end up with greasy fingers and snack on something wholesome and nutritious. And there are plenty of flavors to choose from. Seriously there is no opportunity to dispute; there is something to suit each one’s liking.


March forward with pride

We are heading towards celebrating our 70th republic day. As a country India has nurtured rich food traditions through centuries. Our age old methods of preparation of varieties of food have seamlessly blended with our lifestyles and regional and national identities. Each part of the Indian subcontinent has many interesting mains and sides. Appalam is one side that has set South Indian cuisine apart from the rest. 

Back in the olden days, many South Indian families used to make their own appalams. The home made dough is rolled into individual appalams, sun-dried and stored in the pantries for months. Popodax has brought the gems of those memories back with their bite sized appalams. Over the last forty years, Popodax has perfected the same procedure in making the dough with quality urad dal and spices that are pounded to perfection from which bite sized appalams are made. 

The making of appalam in the olden days used to be a social exercise- ladies from the household getting together to manually roll out the circular discs. Now Popodax's mechanised processes render the manufacturing precise, clean and on a large scale. Appalam is a perfect match to the typical South Indian meal- bringing in a nurturing addition of protein to the sumptuous fare. 

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The popodax way of life

We bring you a snack that blends age-old wisdom with a new age twist. A snack you can eat and keep eating, something you can share and keep sharing. Made in a way that nature would fully approve of. A food that brings people together and keeps them smiling. Today, tomorrow and forever.

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