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The Goodness of thousand Years

Popodax is the traditional appalam in a new bite-sized avatar. Made with protein-rich urad dhal and honest-to-earth ingredients, this snack comes with the blessings of our ancestors. A snack that balances taste with nutrition, and tradition with modernity,Popodax is a wholesome snack that is great to share. A home brand of Lanson,Popodax embodies the group's attributes of expertise, excellence and bespoke perfection.

Popodax comes in 5 great flavours. So, no matter what your palate craves, Popodax has the answer.

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From The House Of Lanson

The Lanson Group of Companies is a $155 million multidimensional conglomerate with key interests in Food Manufacturing & Exports, and Automobile Dealership. Over the years, we have carved out a stellar global reputation, owing to our products, quality standards and exceptional service. The association with international brands has given us insights into the concept of ‘Customer Delight’ achieved through disciplined and diligent operating procedures, backed by a caring and inclusive Customer & Supply chain relationship approach.


The popodax way of life

We bring you a snack that blends age-old wisdom with a new age twist. A snack you can eat and keep eating, something you can share and keep sharing. Made in a way that nature would fully approve of. A food that brings people together and keeps them smiling. Today, tomorrow and forever.

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